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Founder Dr. Yogavidhya B.S.M.S

“ My motto is to spread a healthy life without knife ( surgery) “

“ A healthy body for a healthy mind and therefore a healthy soul”

This is just to introduce myself as Dr. Yogavidhya founder of ethnic health care, from a traditional siddha family and I am extremely gratified and thankful to god to give me an opportunity to serve humankind in the holistic field of siddhas . From my child hood I have an unexplained interests in the field of spirituality and philosophy . Im always proud to be born in india being an ancient cultural land with its own historical heritage. Being a spiritual land I felt prestigious and thankful to walk along the foot paths of great saints and religious philosophies of time . I became skilled and validated my traditional knowledge from the doctorate B.S.M.S course under MGR medical university, chennai . Its been since 2009 I have dedicated my time and effort for the people who seek treatment from me . I have been treating all kind of challenging cases which are even left untreated in other system of medicines like - Infertility in both men and women , Asthma , psoriasis and other skin problems , arthritis etc I helped many AIDS, CANCER patients with immuno modulator herbs and kaya -Kalpam (anti-oxidant rich herbs ) for their healthy living and life-span . Even gave good prognosis to lot of patients who are affected with Hepatitis A,B and C which seems to have challenged the modern medical system. I am always amazed to see the results and the feed backsof knowledge acquired from the very ancient manuscripts of siddhas to man- kind . My dedicated thanks and salutes to siddhas and as well as the masters and generations who helped to preserve the ancient knowledge through centuries !!.

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About Us

Siddha the Treasure of God

Siddha Medicine also known as Siddha Vaidyam or siddha maruthuvam , is the oldest medical system in existence.

The time period of Siddha medicine starts from the time period of the Tamil language. Kumarikandam, otherwise known as Lemuria Continent : “the cradle of mankind “ which is now submerged in the Indian Ocean, was the place where science , culture , heritage , astronomy , space crafts etc born with the evolution of humanity !! Which also have archeological evidences . This ancient Tamil land had a Dravidian system of Medicine in practice which was derived and classified to perfection by 18 Siddhars to mankind known as siddha maruthuvam or siddha medicine It is believed that lord shiva ( Hindu god ) was the first siddhas who developed the ancient Tamil medical knowledge to Goddess Parvathi and so are the other disciples known as siddhas . Agasthiyar is considered to be the Father of Siddha System of Medicine among the 18 Siddhas . The knowledge has continued to percolate from master to disciple with the blessings of the god and the Guru (the master)

All the existing things in this world are made up of 5 elements namely : Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space , which are called the Fundamental Boothas(Elements). The origin of the five elements and the formation of different substances in the Universe by various combinations of the elements are clearly described in Siddha Medicine. The disturbance or ups&downs of these elements is known as dhosham (thiri dhosham-VATHAM - space and air ;PITHAM-fire and water ;KABAM - earth and water ) which leads to diseases according to siddha medicine.
Siddhars define health as a Perfect State Of Physical, Psychological, Social And Spiritual Well Being of an individual Siddhas were of the concept that a healthy soul can only be developed through a healthy body. So they developed methods and medication that are believed to strengthen their physical body and thereby their souls. Siddha system does not believe in merely treating the symptoms. It eradicates the root cause for the illness, providing permanent cure to prevent recurrence Siddha Medicines are made of Natural products like Herbs, Medicinal Pants, Minerals and sometimes animal products and purified metals with non-toxic forms in balanced proportions Since no artificial chemicals / preservatives and colouring agents are involved, it doesn't cause any side effects ..
The 'Pulse Diagnosis' is very ancient and unique way of diagnostic tool in Siddha Medicine, which was introduced to other Indian Systems Of Medicine at a later period . The Siddha system proves its vitality in treating chronic diseases, considered incurable in other modern systems of medicines . Reproduction is considered as the cyclic duty of every life according to all the religions in the world . Any obstruction or condition causing infertility can be treated with ancient successful formulas in its simple, effective , natural and sooner way compared to other system of medicines . It has immense healing power in boosting the immune system to come against auto immune disorders Siddha System offers an effective treatment for all the minor ailments like Cough, Cold, Diarrhea, fever etc. Moreover, it helps in building resistance against such ailments without any side effects. Siddha System is also very effective in treating ailments like all varieties of Arthritis ,skin diseases, pneumonia , Liver problems, Urinary Tract infections, Asthma , sinus , gall stones , kidney stones , early stage of diabetes & hypertension etc. cancer - detected in its early stage -Kaya-Kalpam herbs helps to rejuvenate the cells with anti-oxidants rich herbs This system provides good relief for psoriasis and also the recurrence. AIDS" - assisting to improve the immunity and increasing the life span in HIV infected patients.