Any discomfort or disability to use a joint is commonly known as arthritis which can be a single joint or multiple joint

Symptoms of arthritis:

One or more joints that are swollen or stiff
Joints that look red or feel warm to the touch
Trouble moving
Problems doing everyday tasks
pain might be mild or severe .

Even though though there are 100 types of arthritis classified on its root cause the common types of arthritis are :

Osteoarthritis - due to osteoporosis because of ageing or early onset in athletes - where the cushions on the ends of your bones, called cartilage, wear away. That makes the bones rub against each other causing pain in fingers, knees, or hips Rheumatoid arthritis - due to auto immune disorder (where RA factor is positive )- here the immune system thinks our joint cell as a germ / antigen and destroys it leading to inflammation, swelling etc Gout arthritis - where the Uric acid levels are higher than the normal - which settles in the joint and form crystals like plagues . The pain starts from the big toe and spreads to the upper joints . Most common in white collar jobs of sedentary life style - where there is no sweat outs .

Treatment :

Treatment is always done on its root cause in ancient siddha science .

In case of OSTEO ARTHRITIS - RHEUMATIC ARTHRITIS-the mineral based combination is given to strengthen the bones and increase the synovial fluid inside the joints needed for lubrication .

In case of RA - RHEUMATOID RTHRITIS ( auto immune disorder ) , the immune system is corrected by detoxifying the blood , enhancing the liver function to trap out the older circulating hormones ; so that the brain signal pathway is corrected ( hormones being message carriers to the brain )

In case of GOUT ARTHRITIS some diuretic herbs are given to reduce the excess uric acid in blood , and dietary and lifestyle modifications are advised .


According to ancient siddha system , whatever the type of arthritis is .. increased Vatham - excess gas stored inside the joint and cause pain . Hence increased Vatham is balanced or cleared out by cleansing the GIT - Gatro intestinal tract .. and the treatment is started for sooner progress and cure .