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  • * No need of IUI and IVF
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  • * Only cure no side effects

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Madhumega Nivaranam


15000 INR

980 MYR

228 USD


  • Description
  • Madhumega – Nivaranam:

                    Madhumega – Nivaranam helps in curing of chronic Diabetes.,

                    This is done by…

                           *        Stimulating the cells of Pancreas called “Islets of Langerhans” to produce Insulin Itself.

                           *        This also helps the body to utilize the insulin, keeping the blood sugar – normal

                           *        Strengthens the 7 Systems of Body – Bones, muscles etc., which might be weakened in diabetic patients


                    Since our medicines Rejuvenates the Pancreatic Cells making the insulin secrete naturally…, there is no need of synthetic insulin injections or tablets all the lifelong.

Payment Details :

For People in India

  • Through State Bank of India
  • Name : B.Yoga Vidhya
  • Acc No : 30030157758

For Foreigners

  • To
  • Name : B.Yoga Vidhya