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Our Treatments

Diabetes & Hypertension:


           Our special for diabetes helps in rejunerating the cells in pancreas to stimulate Insuline itself.,

           There by the blood sugar can be maintained normal all the year long even without regular medication.,getting permanent cure

           Rather the herbal medications helps in strengthening the systems of the body


  1. சாரம் - Chyme
  2. செந்நீர் - Blood
  3. ஊன் - Muscles
  4. கொழுப்பு - Fat
  5. எலும்பு - Bone
  6. மூளை - Bone marrow
  7. சுக்கிலம்/சுரோணிதம்  - Semen/Ovarian system 

Also our suppliments will help in retaing the strength & body weight in chronic Diabetes.


           Hypertension which in called as high blood pressure can be permanently cured by bringing down the agravated pitham(பித்தம்),which is said to be the basic cause for hypertension in our traditional siddha system.,

           These are can live a stress free life.,