Kalpa Virutcham



It treating liver disorders, anti diabetic,hepatoprotrctive,anticancer activity,nephroprotective,hair growth,anti inflammatory.

TYPE: TABLET – 60 nos

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Kalpa Virutcham

KALPA VIRUTHCHAM herbal medicine , aids in the treatment of liver illnesses such as hepatitis, jaundice, and others. additionally promote hair development, pancreatic cell regeneration, and tissue restoration.

  • Wedelia calendulacea-20%
  • Eclipta prostrata-20%
  • Indigofera tinctoria-20%
  • Acaltpha indica-20%
  • Acacia nilotica-20%.

2 tablets swallow with water at night after food.

2 மாத்திரை அளவு இரவு உணவுக்குப் பின் நீருடன் விழுங்கவும்

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