Sarama Vindhai



It helps black spot formation in nails,karppan,anti bactrial,antiviral,antimicrobial and also help skin disease,detoxification.

TYPE: TABLET – 60 nos

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Sarama Vinthai

SARMA VINTHAI herbal medicine has antimicrobial characteristics that aid in treating karappan, nail abnormalities, and other skin conditions. It  rejuvenates the cells, preserving the moisture of the skin.

  • Elettaria cardamomum-30%
  • Embelia ribes-10%
  • Smilax china-30%
  • Plumbago rosea-10%
  • Cuminum cyminum-10%
  • Zingiber officinale-10%

Swallow 2 tablets with water morning after food.

2மாத்திரை அளவு காலை உணவுக்கு பின் நீருடன் விழுங்கவும்

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